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摘要 为在种猪世代选育中加大GG纯合抗性个体的选留比例,建立杜洛克抗性K88(F4)腹泻专门化品系,试验对引进美国SPF杜洛克种猪后代中的43头(其中母猪37头,公猪6头)进行耳朵组织采样,样本送往江西农业大学动物生物技术国家重点实验室培育基地进行抗腹泻基因检测;之后将已检测过抗腹泻基因的种猪分为2组,试验组按GG(♂)×GG(♀),对照组按GG(♂)×GA(♀)进行配种,并进行后代选育研究。结果发现:杜洛克种猪群GG基因型个体比例高达86.05%,仅有5头GA基因型个体和1头AA基因型个体;在相同的饲养条件下,试验组哺乳种猪腹泻发生率为2.97%、死亡率为0.99%,30日龄断奶仔猪成活率为97.03%,对照组差异明显。
   表1  杜洛克种猪抗腹泻基因的检测结果

Abstract increase in pig breeding generations homozygous GG elected to stay in the proportion of resistant individuals , the establishment of Duroc -resistant K88 (F4) diarrhea specialized strains , the test for the introduction of American Duroc progeny SPF 43 ( which 37 sows , boars 6 ) of the ear tissue samples , samples were taken for animal Biotechnology , Jiangxi Agricultural University, State Key Laboratory Breeding Base for anti- diarrheal genetic testing ; after the gene has been detected anti-diarrhea divided into two groups of pigs test group by GG (♂) × GG (♀), the control group by GG (♂) × GA (♀) be breeding , and breeding of future generations . The results showed that : Duroc group GG genotype as high as 86.05% , only 5 GA genotype and an AA genotype ; reared under the same conditions , the experimental group breastfeeding rate was 2.97% pig diarrhea , mortality rate was 0.99% , 30 -day-old weaned survival rate was 97.03% in the control group significantly different .
Diarrhea is a common domestic pig industry prone , multi- disease not only affects the survival rate of piglets , and can directly or indirectly cause huge economic losses first . Piglets can cause diarrhea diseases there are many, which piglets red dysentery , diarrhea piglets , yellow scour the most common. According to statistics, China's average annual production per sow weaned only 11 to 13 , in addition to an annual litter the reason fewer ( about 1.7 to 1.9 nest ) , nest farrow fewer ( less than 10 ) , the piglets high mortality ( 20% to 30% of large ) is one of the important reasons. Piglet deaths due to diarrhea leading to the head of the head approximately 49 % of the total number of deaths from diarrhea resulting in a potential loss of piglets also greatly affected by the result . Therefore , prevention of diarrhea and improve the survival rate of piglets , you can better maximize the production potential of the pig industry and achieve greater economic efficiency. The trial of the United States to introduce SPF Duroc breeding resistant offspring were studied diarrhea, with a view to breeding disease-resistant varieties of pigs and promote the use of accumulated some data and experience.
1 Materials and methods
1.1 Test time and place
Test on October 8, 2012 to March 1, 2013 carried out in Guizhou Province Duroc breeding farm livestock production areas .
1.2 Test Animals
Select the introduction of American Duroc progeny SPF 43 ( of which 37 sows , boars 6 ) of the ear tissue samples (≥ 300mg). Samples sent to the National Laboratory of Animal Biotechnology , Jiangxi Agricultural University training base for anti- diarrheal genetic testing .
1.3 anti-diarrhea genetic testing
SNaPshot method using genetic testing . The technology was developed by the U.S. company Applied Biosystems (ABI) to develop , is based on the principle of fluorescently labeled single base extension genotyping technology ( also known as small sequencing ) , mainly for medium -throughput SNP genotyping projects. After containing Sequenase , four kinds of fluorescent labeled ddNTP, close to the polymorphic site 5 ' end of different lengths of the primer extension reaction system and a PCR product template, single base primer extension is terminated by ABI sequencing detected , the mobile determines that the peak position of the extension product of the genotype corresponding to SNP sites , a peak based on the color base species that may be incorporated in order to determine the sample . Template for PCR products , by multiplex PCR reaction system to obtain . Typically used for 10 to 30 SNP loci analysis .
1.4 Breeding of offspring
According to the results of genetic testing for anti-diarrheal , out of an AA genotype sows. October 8, 2012 , in accordance with the design requirements of the test , the test group by GG (♂) × GG (♀), the control group by GG (♂) × GA (♀) conducted breeding . 2013年1 February to 20 March for the trial observation period , under the same rearing conditions , observed and recorded the occurrence of breast-feeding and cure diarrhea cases, 30 days post-weaning survival rate and so on.
2 , Results and Analysis
Anti-diarrhea gene test results
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